Since the standoff between the MNLF armed forces and the Government Forces, about 1,000 structures were burned down, 62 people died and the number of displaced people has reached 70,000. The destructions of lives and properties will go up as a result of calibrated military approach of the Government. And the aftermath of this all is broken lives, broken properties, broken communities and broken inter-ethnic relationships. Prejudices will be everywhere. Military victory will only be temporary unless the root cause of the problem is squarely resolved.


We the Franciscans of San Pedro Bautista Province in the Philippines call on the Government to use all non-violent means in resolving the Zamboanga standoff. We believe that diplomacy and political negotiation is more effective and shall be an enduring response to the prevailing problem. We also call on the Misuari and his faction to use peaceful channels to vent their grievances and take into consideration the common good of the whole Bangsa Moro.


War is not the last resort. War is not the answer. Stop the war now!



Order of Friars Minor – Franciscans

69 San Pedro Bautista St., San Francisco del Monte, Quezon City

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