The Annual Pastors’ Conference was held at St. Peter’s Little Bridge Renewal Center in Taal, Batangas on October 14-16, 2015 with the theme, Responding to the cry of the Earth and the cry of the Poor in the Parish.  The objectives were (1) to experience deeper bonding among the friars assigned in the parishes, shrines and mission churches, (2) to deepen the understanding of the challenges of Laudato Si and attempt to find ways to respond to them in the parish setting and (3) to review and evaluate Franciscan Pastoral Assembly and Annual Pastors’ Conference in the triennium (2013-2015).  25 friars attended the conference and 5 lay partners assisted in the activity.   Napoly Pasion, OFM, animator for Parish Ministry facilitated the event.


Cielito Almazan, OFM, Provincial Minister gave his message during the first day of the conference.  He stressed the responsibilities of the pastors in administering the sacraments, empowering the laity, channeling the church documents and programs to the people in particular Laudato Si, working hand in hand with other offices like JPIC, formation and so on.   He encouraged the friars in the parishes/shrines to be more zealous and vibrant in their ministry.  On the other hand, Oscar Ante, OFM secretary of the Office for Missions and Evangelization tackled the recent Encyclical Letter of Pope Francis’ Laudato Si on the following day.   He engaged the friars first to pray the 2015 General Chapter Prayer and overviewed the outcome of the General Chapter citing particularly the important role of the friars in safeguarding, taking good care of and enhancing the whole creation.  He then discussed the brief history and observations on Laudato Si.  He mentioned that the Pope used the See-Judge-Act Approach in the encyclical.  At the end, he posted the challenges of the document particularly in the setting of the parishes/shrines such as if the parish ecology program holistic enough to respond to the local, national and international aspects, living simply as to give emphasis on the Franciscan Value and Spirituality and to be more concerned in the future situation of ecology.  Friars were assigned to different groups for the workshop and reporting in the plenum after the talk of the speaker.  


Moreover, Oscar Ante, OFM presented the tabulation of results of the evaluation in the parishes/shrines.  The evaluation form consists of 7 checklist questions and 1 for comments.  He enumerated the following:

Points                          Rank                            Issues

90%                             1st                                Good Planning Process

88%                             2nd                                Addressing the Youth

86%                             3rd                                Visible and Approachable Friars

81%                             4th                                Forming new Structures (for politics etc)

81%                             5th                                Forming/Educating towards BEC

74%                             6th                                Promotion of BEC Thrust/Direction

68%                             7th                                Recruiting New Faces/Leaders

There was a discussion in the plenum on the results particularly on the two lowest points of the tabulation.  The previous resolutions were also reviewed and evaluated.  It was suggested that implementing guidelines would be made in order for the friars to be directed.   Comments and recommendations on the evaluation form were also raised. 


The presentation, deliberation and approval of the resolutions were done during the third day of the conference.  Here is the result:


Responding to the Cry of the Earth and the Cry of the Poor in the Parish

Statement of APC 2015


We, 25 parish/shrine friars of FPSPBP, gathered together for the 2015 Annual Pastors’ Conference at St. Peter’s Little Bridge Renewal Center in Taal, Batangas on October 14-16, 2015.

            We are grateful for the gift of one another in the parish ministry.  We thank the Minister Provincial who shared information of events in the Order and the local Church and gave fraternal reminders regarding the Franciscan ministry in the parish.  We also appreciate the valuable assistance given by our lay partners in this gathering.


  We acknowledge our strengths and weaknesses, as revealed in the report about some aspects of our parish ministry.  Motivated by the example of Francis of Assisi, we also feel challenged by the cry of the earth and of the poor, as we studied the document of Pope Francis, Laudato Si.

           We therefore make the following resolutions and recommendations:


1. That the Parish Ministry animator find ways to assess the situation of the parishes vis-à-vis BEC stages (initiating, sustaining or reviving) and make appropriate recommendations by April 2016.

2. (a) That OME coordinator and PM animator create a BEC animation team to coordinate BEC programs of the Province, (b) That the pastor with the pastoral council review the parish vision and ensure that the BEC thrust is integral in the parish vision and is implemented, (c) That the pastor with the assistance of the OME coordinator and PM animator ensure human and financial resources in favor of the BEC thrust of the parishes, and (d) That the pastor and the pastoral team demonstrates quality presence in BEC. That ongoing report on these matters be provided towards the end of the next triennium.

3.  That the pastor with the assistance of the OME coordinator and PM animator study the nature of every Franciscan parish vis-à-vis the diocesan context and submit the finding by June 2017


1.  To be more aware of the serious challenges of the ecological crisis, that the pastors and the pastoral council give emphasis on the education for ecology at the parish level.  Homilies, sacramental celebrations, and the like are to be maximized for ecological advocacy.

2.  To ensure effective and sustainable results, that the local JPIC coordinators partner with NGOs and diocesan, national and international groups.

3.  That the Office for Missions and Evangelization provide aids for parish/shrine friars to develop a Franciscan spirituality of creation, furnish liturgical and catechetical resources for use in the parishes, and provide information regarding JPIC activities or projects being undertaken by the friars.

4.  To facilitate JPIC work in the parish, that the pastor and the pastoral council establish and/or strengthen JPIC structures in the parish level.


1.  To facilitate better response to ecological issues in the parish, that the Provincial Leadership assign a full time JPIC coordinator in the Provincial level.

2.  To make concrete the JPIC aspiration of the Province, that the Provincial Leadership in coordination with JPIC coordinator take a specific ecology project as a common endeavor of all the friars in the Province, in parish and other ministries.

3.  To strengthen fraternal bonding and make effective parish ministry, that parish/shrine friars make the APC a priority in their schedule.




Fr. Napoly M. Pasion, OFM

Animator for Parish Ministry


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