We welcome you to the Franciscan vision of the world. A world where love is more powerful than hateforgiveness is more powerful than revenge;hope is more powerful than despaircommunity more powerful thanisolationGod more powerful that all that mitigates against goodness and hope. Christ said to Saint Francis of Assisi, “Go, rebuild my Church which, as you see, is falling into ruin.” From that moment over 800 years ago to the present day this has been the mission of the Franciscans though out the world.

We are members of the Order of Friars Minor - commonly known as “The Franciscans” after the name of our founder, Saint Francis of Assisi. Francis’ vision of the unity of all people challenges us to learn new ways of living in diversity with people of other religious and cultural backgrounds. Such diversity offers us the ability to view people of other faiths and cultures as opportunities for the healing and unification of a broken world. Francis’ presence in the situations of violence and exclusion of his times challenges us to become instruments of peace and defenders of the rights and dignity of all - particularly the poor and marginalized. This challenge calls us to include all who are excluded in any way from the “banquet of the Lord” and from participating in the fullness of the world.


Living in religious life includes making a public profession of vows and solemnly promising to uphold something beyond the scope of most lives. Those called to religious life actively live their outward love for Jesus Christ by imitating him as closely as possible. We enflesh ourselves in the world and, in order to be more like Christ, make vows of poverty, chastity, and obedience. These vows enable use to carry out the Gospel mission instituted by Jesus.


Our prayer is that God might lead and guide you as you explore ways to deepen your relationship with God, make ‘space’ in your heart for other people - especially the poor and those in search of love, and grow in your own awareness of the mercy and love of the living God.