(The Province of San Pedro Bautista celebrated the feast of its titular saint last February 6, 2017. One of the highlights of the celebration was the giving of tribute to the faithful and generous benefactors of the Province. Below is the message of Fr. Reu Galoy, OFM, Vicar Provincial, to the beloved benefactors.)


My Dear and Beloved Benefactors,


We cannot thank you enough for the support and sacrifices you shared to the Franciscan Province of San Pedro Bautista. Your generosity is a constant reminder to us, friars, of our poverty and minoritic life. Your presence is a challenge to us to remain faithful to our calling, to become bearers and reflections of the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.


You are the embodiment of God`s blessings and gracious accompaniment in our mission to help realize the giftedness of every person towards the fullness of life through our evangelizing ministry. Please keep us always in your prayers that we, Franciscan friars, will totally commit ourselves and do our tasks unreservedly.


Help us also promote to young people our Franciscan way of life. To make our Franciscan lifestyle attractive is a collective responsibility we need to perform.


Once again, on behalf of the Provincial fraternity of San Pedro Bautista, to all of you our dear benefactors, donors and mission partners, we are humbly grateful for the wonderful works you have done for us. Indeed, you are God`s instrumental blessing to make God`s dream become a reality in the lives of those who benefit from our ministry, especially the poor.


May the good Lord bless you and your loved ones - a blessing of peace, prosperity and joy!

Kindly click the links below for photos of the event.

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