Dear brothers, I have a note to Al Villanueva for this JPIC meeting.

Thank you for remaining behind, for extending your stay here and your absence in the area for the sake of JPIC work. Your extension is to save our financial resources and your precious time. It is my hope that these short moments, you will be able to agree and come up with a JPIC program doable to all of you and which will be appreciated by the brothers, to whom you are entrusted to animate in your communities.


As your minister provincial who has become the chairperson of the IFMCP and AMRSP, I feel I have no escape from getting involved in the JPIC issues in our country today. We are involved in JPIC not because we are forced to do it or we are reactive. No, we are involved in JPIC because our superiors including the CBCP say so. We do JPIC work because we want to obey them rather than ourselves. But that motivation is minimalistic. We do JPIC because it is in our DNA as Franciscans. We are relevant, we have meaning as Franciscans when we are able to integrate JPIC into our life and ministries.


If we are not personally sold out to eradicating poverty, stopping illegal logging and mining in our places, drug and human trafficking, we have to think again of our vocation as Franciscans, consecrated people at that. We have to overcome fear and complacency to be recognized as true prophets of our times, not false prophets.


Our General Constitutions has dedicated a chapter for JPIC. The last general chapter dedicated much time also for JPIC. Our CVM and its Catechism is not remiss of JPIC pointers. I believe your meeting with Al will further advance and develop our JPIC. Other Franciscans in the IFMCP are observing us how we do it. The other superiors of the AMRSP are also looking at us. The bishops, the shepherds of the people, who empowered us to share in their ministry are also observing as, how we do it, in the hope of learning from us, as we learn from them. Rest assured, brothers, all our efforts, all our attempts in the JPIC are well appreciated. Thank you.


God bless you.



Fr. Cielito Almazan, OFM

Minister Provincial

Province of San Pedro Bautista, Philippines



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